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Estate Planning Fees

Prices for Estate Planning Documents

For most cases, we strive to provide estate planning on a low-cost, flat fee basis. Usually, an estate plan can be done for a flat fee when there is no tax planning advice needed (i.e., the estate is not taxable upon death), and distributions are going to children a certain specific set of a beneficiaries in a single generation (i.e., all to kids, all to siblings, all to nieces and nephews, etc). If additional services are needed beyond what is supplied in the descriptions below, they will be charged at an hourly rate after cost is reviewed with, and approved by, the client.

Please note that the following fees do not apply if you are a MetLife or ARAG Legal Insurance member.

Initial Consultation $300

For the undecided or people who only want an existing plan reviewed; otherwise this fee is included in any item below. 1 hour maximum total time.

Basic Will Plan - $575 Individual - $975 Couple

Includes for each person:

Basic Wills leave your entire estate to one or more persons, and do not include specific bequests (except for general bequests of tangible personal property), provisions for minor children, or any trust provisions.

Financial and medical powers of attorney allow the person you name to manage your financial affairs and make medical decisions for you in the event you cannot make them for yourself. This plan does not avoid probate (court).

Family Will Plan - $975 Individual - $1,300 Couple

Includes for each spouse:

The Family Will Plan is for families with children under 18, and for parents who want to leave assets to their adult children in a trust until they reach specified ages or other milestones. The trust is created only after death, with the power given by the probate court. This plan does not avoid probate (court).

Trust Plan - $1,200 Individual - $1,900 Couple

Includes for each person:

This plan avoids probate (court). 

Other Estate Planning Services

Stand-alone Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney package (no Will)


Testamentary Special Needs Trust

$250 additional to any Plan

Specialty Drafting & Amendments (Trust Protectors, Complex Distributions, etc)


Retirement 401k/IRA Trusts, Tax Planning


Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust


Certificate of Trust (for existing trusts, often required by title companies)


Quit claim/”lady bird” deed (to transfer real estate into a trust)


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